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Energy Assistance

Do you know someone who is having trouble paying their energy bills? Help is available!

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps those in need pay their heating expenses. They provide federally funded assistance to help with managing costs associated with home energy bills, energy crises and weatherization and energy-related minor home repairs. The annual enrollment period typically begins the second Tuesday in October and runs through the second Friday in November.

For additional information, call 800.230.6977, option 8 or visit dss.virginia.gov.

Crisis Assistance 

Crisis Assistance is intended for emergency situations. It helps eligible households when fuel assistance or other resources cannot meet the need. Some examples of emergencies include: lack of heat, utility cut-off is imminent, and inoperable or unsafe heating equipment. Types of crisis assistance may include: payment of utility security deposit; purchase of portable space heater; purchase of primary home heating fuel; payment for emergency shelter; payment of primary heat utility bill; repair of heating equipment; replacement of heating equipment; and/or provision of supplemental heating equipment/maintenance.  

To be eligible for crisis assistance, there must be a heating emergency and certain income and citizenship criteria must be met. Applications for equipment-related assistance, security deposits and emergency shelter are accepted from Nov. 1 through March 15 at local departments of social services. Assistance for the purchase of heating fuel and utility bills for primary residences are available from the first workday In January through March 15. 

Steps to Apply

Note from social services: You may need to be interviewed by an eligibility worker, depending on the type of assistance requested.

Contact your county’s department of social services.

211 Virginia

Contact 211 Virginia (dial 2-1-1) for a list of additional local resources and funding available for emergency assistance. Help is available 24/7.

Salvation Army EnergyShare 

Virginia Natural Gas and its customers donate funding for the EnergyShare program, which is administered by the Salvation Army and offers assistance with energy costs. Call your local Salvation Army to make an appointment. Please, no walk-ins.
  • South Hampton Roads: 757.543.8100.
    Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.-noon and 1-3 p.m.
  • Suffolk: 757.539.5201
    Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4:30 p.m. 
  • On the Peninsula: 757.838.4875
    Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.-11 a.m. and 1-2 p.m. 

These community-based organizations also may provide help with paying your bill:

The STOP Organization: 757.858.1360 (South Hampton Roads)
Office of Human Affairs: 757.244.6121 (on the Peninsula)

Energy Efficiency Tips and Tools

The Virginia Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Program offers tips and tools to help customers conserve energy and save money on their energy bills. Learn more.

Make a Gift Payment Any Time of the Year

Help someone in need. Give the gift warmth by making a gift payment toward someone’s Virginia Natural Gas bill. Download the gift payment form, fill it in and mail it to us at the address you'll find on the form, or call us at 877.572.3342.

Credit Counseling Assistance

If you or someone you know is having trouble paying bills, reach out to ClearPoint, a national, nonprofit credit counseling agency at 800.251.2227 (866.559.8198 for Spanish) or visit ClearPoint’s website. (Usted puede visitar la versión del español Idioma del sitio haciendo clic aquí.) 

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